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Lastest Articles

Summer Grilling | Shish Kabob Recipe

Kick-off Summer With a Festive Cook-out | Mixed Grill Skewers


Skewers are a nice and easy grilling treat. You can mix vegetables and meat, or seafood, or you can have the meat and vegetables on separate skewers. There are an infinite variety of combinations and options for flavor with skewers. Here are a few ideas for marinades and options for your skewers.

Festive Drink Recipes

A camping or RVing trip is a special time filled with friends, family and fun. What better way to celebrate than to start dinner with a delicious cocktail to enjoy. Here are a few excellent cocktail recipes to try.

Hot Buttered Dark Rum
A Hot Buttered Rum is the perfect drink to warm up with on a cold winter's night.

This is a great tropical cocktail. It is both simple to make and delightfully refreshing. 

The Classic Champagne Cocktail
This is one of the ultimate cocktails for champagne lovers. Unlike many champagne cocktails, this one enhances the flavors and is best made with good quality champagne.

Champagne Bellini Drink
The Bellini is a nice fruity champagne cocktail. In some ways this is similar to the Mimosa, but it has a distinct and unique flavor.

Poinsettia Punch
Having an elegant holiday party? Here's your punch!