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Beach Bonfire and Clambake

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Beach Bonfire and Clambake Cook Out

The traditional clambake is held on the beach, this is a great way to enjoy a bonfire. Gather plenty of seafood and prepare for a good time.

You can include:
- Lobster
- Mussels
- Crabs
- Sausage
- Potatoes
- Onions
- Whole Ears of Corn

Before going to the beach, you will need a large piece of canvas tarp. When you arrive at the beach, soak the canvas in seawater when you get to the beach. The tarp will be used to cover the food. On the day of the event you will want to start by gathering fresh seaweed. The seaweed is essential in the cooking and steaming process of the clambake. Store the seaweed in a large container with plenty of fresh seawater to keep it fresh. In addition, you will also need to gather some medium sized round stones. These stones are also a key part of the cooking process as well. Be careful not to collect wet beach stones, these have been known to explode when heated in the fire, it may be a good idea to gather your stones from a different location entirely.

All of the ingredients should be fresh and cleaned. Prepare the corn by removing both the silk and the husks. To protect the corn from the heat you can peel back the husk to remove the silk, then replace the husk. The husk will protect the ear of corn during the cooking process.

Once you have the seaweed and stones you will want to dig a fire pit on the beach. Place the stones in the bottom of the pit and start a wood fire on top of the stones. You will want to allow the fire to burn for about two hours or until the stones are red hot. Once this ideal temperature is reached you want the fire to die down. After the fire has died you will want to quickly start the cooking process.

Place a thick layer of seaweed over the stones, then place a layer of food over the seaweed. Continue to layer seaweed and food, finishing with a layer of seaweed. Finally, cover the entire mound with the wet canvas, and weigh down with rocks. The hot stones will release heat creating steam from the wet seaweed, which cooks the food. The wet canvas traps the steam to aid the cooking and it is wet to stop it from catching fire. Allow the food to cook for a few hours until all of the food is cooked. Serve hot with melted butter.

The Classic S'More

Graham Crackers
1/2-1 oz chocolate per S'More

Break a graham cracker in half and place a piece of chocolate on one half of the cracker. With a good marshmallow roasting stick, roast your marshmallow over the fire, turning slowly until the marshmallow is brown all over. Place the marshmallow over the chocolate and put the other graham cracker half on top. Hold the sandwich firmly together and allow the chocolate to melt. Enjoy your S'More while the marshmallow is still warm and the chocolate is melted.

Caramel Apple S'Mores

Green Apple Slices

Slide the marshmallow onto a skewer then add one to two caramel candies to the top of the skewer. Toast the marshmallow and wait for the caramels to melt over the marshmallow. When toasted, place the toasted marshmallow on an apple slice and top with a second apple slice.