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Panini Recipes for Your Next Camping Trip

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Recipes for Grilled Sandwiches & Panini at camp.

No matter what you call them - grilled sandwiches or Panini - they are always a hit.  The ooey, gooey goodness of melted cheese and crispy caramelized bread is an irresistible   treat.  Almost any traditional sandwich can be made special by grilling it or cooking on a Panini grill.  Here are just a couple of ideas for exceptional Panini.

# 1 Panini Tip:

  • Wrap sandwiches in tin foil sprayed with butter or olive oil flavored cooking spray (like Pam) - this will make it easy to clean your panini press

How to cook a Panini on a camping trip over a campfire or BBQ grill

  • Use a cast iron grill pan and a foil-covered brick. 
  • Use a regular skillet with a foil covered brick - you won't get pretty grill marks but they will taste just as good

How to cook a Panini on a camping trip if you have electricity

  • A Panini press is a great tool and many of them come with changeable plates so they can be used as a grill or a griddle.
  • Or re-purpose your George Foreman Grill into a Panini press - this is probably my favorite way to make Panini, since the grill gets so hot so quickly.

Panini Recipes