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Seafood Recipes

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Celebrate Alaskan Seafood Feast


The icy waters of Alaska are rich in all types of seafood.  The bounty of Alaska's seafood industry is an important part of the state's economy and a blessing to seafood lovers worldwide.  Alaska's pristine waters are home to a wide variety of seafood - from wild caught Copper River salmon to succulent Prince Edward Sound shrimp to Aleutian King Crab. 



Steamed Alaskan King Crab Legs with 3 dipping sauces

Hot Crab Dip

Beer Steamed Clams

Salad course

Fried calamari salad with honey sesame ginger dressing

Main course

Halibut stuffed with Brie and fresh herbs in a white wine sauce

Smoked Salmon Chili

Serve with Alaska Micro brews or try a native Alaska Wine made from Alaskan fruit and western grapes.