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Themed Parties

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Themed Parties

partyTerrific themed parties are hard to forget.  We all remember the fantastic Halloween parties where people went all out with their costumes, or the Easter Egg Hunt when all the kids dressed as rabbits.  Themed parties are memorable because they’re so much fun! 

They’re also easy to plan.  If you give your party a theme, suddenly all of the decisions become simple, from the menu to the decorations.  If you let your guests know the theme in advance, they might help you out by dressing accordingly or bringing drinks or dishes that fit the theme. 

Potlucks with a Theme

Themed parties also make terrific potlucks.  You can suggest dishes that fit the theme (such as enchiladas, tacos, and Spanish rice for a Fiesta party) or assign your guests to a broad category such as “main dishes” or “desserts” and let them choose their dish for themselves.  Another fun variation is to come up with a letter of the alphabet, and ask people to only bring things that start with that letter.  In that case, the meal itself becomes the theme.

Some Theme Ideas

The next time you’re putting together an RV park party or a family reunion get-together, consider trying out one of these fun themes.  You can even let your guests vote!

  • Luau
  • Baseball or another sport
  • 1950s, bobby-soxers, and Elvis
  • Western
  • Fiesta
  • Casino
  • Hollywood
  • Mardi Gras
  • 4th of July in December or January
  • Christmas in the summer
  • Batman or other super hero
  • 1920s and flappers
  • 1960s and summer of love

Seasonal Parties

It’s also fun to eat by the seasons, letting the food on the table reflect what’s naturally available.  A spring party might feature new potatoes, spring greens, fresh flowers, eggs, and honey.  A summertime party would celebrate the bounty of the garden, maybe with a BBQ or grilled kabobs.  In the Fall, you could serve traditional foods like pumpkins, butternut squash soup, yams, potatoes, and hearty breads.  Winter is a time for spice.  Bring out the homemade chili, zesty soups and stews, and baked fruit pies and cobblers.