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Lastest Articles

Camp Favorites - Recipes for Mulled Wine and Spiced Cider

Spiced Cider recipesWarm up after a night of trick or treating.

Spiced Cider for the kids and Mulled cider for the adults...perfection!

The beginning of winter is a classic time to gather indoors, enjoying warmth and good cheer during the darkest days of the year.  This year, make your solstice or holiday celebration special by serving hot cider or wine.  The rich, spicy aroma these drinks give off is worth the effort alone -- but they also taste delicious!

Recipes for A Father's Day Campground BBQ

Recipes for a father's day cookout

Toast Dad with a Festive Father's Day Barbecue

Camping Cookout Recipes

On Father's day we honor our first and lasting hero - Dad.  He taught us about life and love.  He was there to cheer us on, celebrate our successes, and pick us up after disappointments.  Dad's do so much for their families through-out the year so this Father's Day treat Dad to a backyard BBQ or a camping trip cookout to make him proud.  Come to think of it it, was probably Dad that taught you to barbeque.

Father's Day Menu and Recipes 

Grilled Chicken Wings and Shrimp Skewers + Dipping sauces

Tossed Salad with Apples and Pistachios
Grilled Baguettes with garlic wild mushroom rag-out and feta cheese
BBQ Tri Tip (or London Broil)
Chocolate Covered Cherry Crumble

Kid Friendly Camping Cookout Recipes

Camping recipes that will be a hit with the whole family.

Kid-Friendly Recipes

Make your own mini burgers

Everyone loves a burger.  These little bites are fun for kids of all ages.  Let everyone choose their own toppings and include some grown-up or gourmet topping to please the adults.

Campfire French Fries

French Fries are always a hit with the gang - add minced garlic for the adults.

Grilled mac and cheese

A blend of upscale cheeses will make this a hit with young and old alike.

PBJ S'Mores

S'Mores are a camping favorite.  Use crunchy peanut butter to satisfy the kids and add raspberry jelly for a twist on this all-time favorite.

More Kid Friendly Recipes

The World's Best-ever Cocoa

The Best-ever Hot Cocoa


Are you ready to make the world's best hot cocoa?  Then get your taste-buds ready and prepare for a chocolate onslaught.  Whether you like your chocolate rich and dark or light and sweet, you'll be able to adjust the following recipe to suit your palate.

Cocoa Facts

Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder.  This sets it apart from hot chocolate, which is made from blocks of chocolate or the French mixture called couverture.  Cocoa powder is made when chocolate liquor is pressed in order to remove three-quarters of the cocoa butter.  The remaining solids are processed into the fine brown powder we all grew up with.  Commercial cocoa mixes vary in the amount of other ingredients that are added, mainly powdered mil, sugar, and thickeners.

Make a Great Cup