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Dutch Oven Cooking

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dutch oven

Dutch Oven Recipes for Piping Hot Baked Goods for Camping Trips

For hundreds of years, people have been using Dutch ovens as their portable bakeries.  These cast-iron pots are made to sit right in the coals.  With their heavy lids, you don’t need to worry about ash and soot blowing into your food, and burning is rarely a problem with Dutch ovens because the cast iron spreads the heat evenly.  If you place hot coals on the lid of the Dutch oven, you decrease your cooking time and help the food bake at an even rate.  You can bake just about anything in your oven, from tasty desserts to main courses.  The next time you’re car camping or heading out in the RV, pack up one of these classic cooking tools and give it a try!

Dutch Oven Ideas

Any item you might bake in the oven at home, you can make in a Dutch oven.  Lasagna, shepherd’s pie, roast meat (with broth), and baked vegetable dishes are all perfect.  Set your Dutch oven in hot coals, and be patient.  Use a stick or oven mitt to lift off the lid occasionally to check your meal.

Dutch ovens are also perfect for desserts.  You can make cake, cookies (of the bar-type), cobblers, and breads in the oven.  Because cast iron is seasoned with oil, you shouldn’t have to grease your oven before you use it.  However, as you get to know your own oven, you’ll develop a sense of how it cooks and how much oil it needs. 

Cleaning Your Dutch Oven

Cast iron should never be cleaned with soap, and it should never be left to soak.  Use a knife to scrape out as much food as possible, then scrub your oven out with water and a scrubby.  When it’s clean, set it back on the fire for a short time, just until it’s dry.  Remove it from the fire.  When it’s cool, season the oven by rubbing it all over with a bit of paper towel soaked in mineral oil.  Wipe away any excess oil, then store your oven.  It’s ready to go for your next meal.

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