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Sweet, Delicious Apple Recipes

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apple recipesTreat Yourself to A Fall Favorite - Crispy, crunchy shiny Apples!

Crisp, crunchy, and satisfying, an apple is the perfect snack.  This go-anywhere treat is yummy just as it is, or delicious spruced up with a dollop of peanut butter or a splash of cinnamon.  Dried apples are a great backpacking snack, and baked apples are a campfire standard.  With all the varieties that are available now, there's sure to be an apple that suits your tastes perfectly.

Apple Types

Certain apple varieties have been bred to perform certain tasks.  For instance, the best baking apples are those that hold their shape even after cooking, like Granny Smiths, Jonathans, Empires, and Cortlands.  Snacking apples come in far more varieties.  Try the Jonagolds, Macintosh, Winesnaps, and Fuji apples. 


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